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BMX – The Extreme Collective – Tammy McCarley

Tammy McCarley and his boys take over a Golden, Colorado action sports park.

Skateboarding – The Extreme Collective – Wilmer Claros

One of Wilmer Claros' early videos, he is shown working his board tricks and landing drops from elevated platforms.

Ohio Dreams Action Sports Complex – The Extreme Collective – Colby Eubanks

Colby Eubanks adds this 2017 installment of summer activities at the Ohio Dreams Action Sports Complex.

Country Wake Boarding – The Extreme Collective – Scott Hansen

Sunny afternoon, mini-monster trucks, boards, and rope equals "Country Wake Boarding" and a helluva good time.

Skateboarding – The Extreme Collective – Wilmer Claros

Wilmer Claros lands some drops from knee shattering heights in this short West Coast skateboarding clip.

East Coast Surfing – The Extreme Collective – Alex Slupski

Alex Slupski features Stephen Konopasek surfing Atlantic Beach in Jacksonville, Florida. Alex’s equipment list – Panasonic GH3 with a wide angle 12-35mm lens and an 80-200mm lens on a handheld gimbal and a tripod. (Visited 3 times, 1 visits today)0 Vote here.

Kite Boarding – The Extreme Collective – Manny Blanch

Cruise through the mangroves and soak up a bird's eye view of the world below as the 2015 Australian Freestyle Kiteboarding Champ, Manny Blanch goes big.

Kite boarding – TheExtremeCollective – Aaron Kenny

Aaron Kenny, the 2015 Under 16 Vice Australian Kiteboarding Champion, puts his kite boarding skills and big aerial maneuvers on display in this in this video short, titled FLARE.

Parkour Mashup – TheExtremeCollective – Ryan Riffle

Ryan enters a parkour mashup that'll leave you dizzy.  Watch as some of the best parkour athletes from around the world  flip their way around town.

Motocross Montage – TheExtremeCollective – Diane Hular

Diane puts together an awesome montage of motocross madness.  Butuan and Bohol, both cities in the Philippines, along with the Island Province of Camiguin are the backdrops for this expertly shot footage.  The beautiful serenity of the countryside is broken as this group of MX’ers uncork knack-knacks, superman seat grabs, wheelies, and neck breaking whips. […]

Big drop at the skate park – TheExtremeCollective – Wilmer Claros

Wilmer Claros is going off, shredding through this neighborhood skate park.  Clever video fades move us from location to location as Wilmer lands some huge drops and sick board tricks.

Snowboarding Pine Mountain – TheExtremeCollective – Nathan Leonardson

Nathan Leonardson rides Pine Mountain Resort on this overcast day.  Nathan demonstrates his Method Air and rail grabs as he cruises down the hills in Michigan.

Sturgeon Bay Skate Park – TheExtremeCollective – Nathan Leonardson

Nathan Leonardson submits this footage of an afternoon at Sturgeon Bay skate park in Wisconsin.

Longboarding – TheExtremeCollective – Justin Collins

Cruising around town isn't so bad when longboarding is your transportation of choice.  Justin Collins sails through Toledo, Ohio on his longboard, making use of multiple first and third person camera shots to create engaging views of his ride.

Freestyle Skiing – TheExtremeCollective – Colby Eubanks

Colby Eubanks tracks his camera alongside the Fagan twins and does an expert job of capturing the twins as they uncork some otherworldly freestyle skiing skills in Keystone, Colorado's Area 51 Ski Park.

Surfing South Africa – TheExtremeCollective – Bradley Jackson

Surfers are carving some serious lines in this Competition 3 entry.  Bradley takes advantage of everything 4K has to offer as he pilots his drone above the picturesque Ballito Beach in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.  Sit back and watch some surfing while we're treated to a bird's eye view of the rolling sets in South Africa.

BMX Flatland – TheExtremeCollective – Jimbo

Jimbo and company string together some long wheelie rides along city streets and visit a local park to brush up on their bar spins and ramp tricks.

Skating Norway – TheExtremeCollective – Kai Bonsaksen

Kai puts together a unique blend of Rube Goldberg skating style and clever editing in this short compilation of improvised board tricks in Norway.

Parkour Tour in Lithuania – TheExtremeCollective – Deividas Laukionis

When you can parkour like Deividas Laukionis, the whole world is your playground.  Check out Deividas defy gravity as he free runs, jumps, and flips off of just about everything in this Lithuanian town.

Fagan Twins Freestyle Skiing Area 51 – TheExtremeCollective – Colby Eubanks

Colby Eubanks captures the otherworldly freestyle skiing skills of the Fagan twins as they destroy Keystone, Colorado's Area 51 Ski Park.  Colby's use of low angles while skiing along side the twins highlights the speed and skill necessary to pull off some of these jumps.

Riding the White Line – TheExtremeCollective – Marshall Mullen

Marshall Mullen pilots a drone to film Michal Kollbek mountain biking down a portion of Sedona Arizona's hypnotically steep White Line trail.

Fagan Twins shred Area 51 – TheExtremeCollective – Colby Eubanks

No you're not seeing double...Colby Eubanks captures the Fagan twins destroying Keystone, Colorado's Area 51 Ski Park.  Colby uses some clever editing and creative fades to showcase the height and intensity of the twins running all over this park.

Freestyle Skiing at Night – TheExtremeCollective – Colby Eubanks

Colby Eubanks enters another awesome edit into Competition 3.  He captures several of the town's local athletes showcasing their stuff under the lights at the ski park during this night-time freestyle skiing session.

Freestyle Ski Park 2 – TheExtremeCollective – Colby Eubanks

Colby Eubanks adds his second entry with this expertly edited ski footage, highlighting some of the amazing local freestyle ski talent.

Freestyle Ski Park 1 – TheExtremeCollective – Colby Eubanks

Colby Eubanks has clearly put in the time in the editing room, honing his chops as a videographer and content creator.  Colby enters this high energy, freestyle skiing compilation, depicting local athletes attacking jumps and sticking every landing.  This ski park is full of talent and Colby is capturing all of it.

Livin’ The Ohio Dream – TheExtremeCollective – Erin Eblen

Erin Eblen traverses from the lakes to the ski park and back again in this compilation of board sports.  Wake surfing, wake boarding, and snowboarding are all captured in her montage of family fun in Ohio.

Phil Smage at Pastranaland – TheExtremeCollective – Phil Smage

Phil Smage jumps (literally) into Competition 3, shredding his way through Pastranaland, a well known haven for Motocross and other extreme sports athletes.  Watch to the won't want to miss a second of Phil carving some creative lines around Travis Pastrana's compound on his TXT 300 trials bike.

Ski Park 360 – TheExtremeCollective – Hanna Marcinak

Hanna Marcinak adds this stylish ski park clip, titled "to be continued..." to Competition 3.  Hanna demonstrates notable video editing skill by seamlessly cutting together numerous action shots, from difficult angles, in this video short.  See more from Hanna on her Instagram feed @allstar1313 and YouTube Channel.

Skydiving Hawaii – TheExtremeCollective – Alexandra Hurley

Alexandra Hurley adds this tandem jump footage to her competition 3 portfolio. As seen here, the boys over at Skydive Hawaii are experts at shooting and editing skydiving video.  See more from Alexandra on her Instagram feed @alexandra.hurley

Free Diving Hawaii 2 – TheExtremeCollective – Alexandra Hurley

Alexandra Hurley enters our third Extreme Video Competition with this impressive self-filmed underwater tour of Hawaii and its beautiful seascapes and wildlife.  Alexandra highlights some of her videography skills while free diving alongside sharks and a sea turtle.  See more from Alexandra on her Instagram feed @alexandra.hurley

Skydiving and Skating New York – TheExtremeCollective – Jon Cater

Jon Cater enters our third Extreme Video Competition with an expertly cut video-short.  The jump cuts, slow motion, and well timed audio induce powerful emotion.  If you don't get chills from this artistic compilation of skydiving, skating, and the New York City skyline check your pulse, you might not have one...

Freediving Hawaii – The Extreme Collective – Alexandra Hurley

Alexandra enters our second Extreme Video Competition with this impressive self-filmed underwater tour of Hawaii and its beautiful seascapes and wildlife. Alexandra highlights some of her videography skills while free diving with large schools of fish and a massive manta ray.