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BMX – The Extreme Collective – Tammy McCarley

Tammy McCarley and his boys take over a Golden, Colorado action sports park.

Skateboarding – The Extreme Collective – Wilmer Claros

One of Wilmer Claros' early videos, he is shown working his board tricks and landing drops from elevated platforms.

Ohio Dreams Action Sports Complex – The Extreme Collective – Colby Eubanks

Colby Eubanks adds this 2017 installment of summer activities at the Ohio Dreams Action Sports Complex.

Country Wake Boarding – The Extreme Collective – Scott Hansen

Sunny afternoon, mini-monster trucks, boards, and rope equals "Country Wake Boarding" and a helluva good time.

Skateboarding – The Extreme Collective – Wilmer Claros

Wilmer Claros lands some drops from knee shattering heights in this short West Coast skateboarding clip.