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Motocross Montage – TheExtremeCollective – Diane Hular

Diane puts together an awesome montage of motocross madness.  Butuan and Bohol, both cities in the Philippines, along with the Island Province of Camiguin are the backdrops for this expertly shot footage.  The beautiful serenity of the countryside is broken as this group of MX’ers uncork knack-knacks, superman seat grabs, wheelies, and neck breaking whips. […]

Phil Smage at Pastranaland – TheExtremeCollective – Phil Smage

Phil Smage jumps (literally) into Competition 3, shredding his way through Pastranaland, a well known haven for Motocross and other extreme sports athletes.  Watch to the won't want to miss a second of Phil carving some creative lines around Travis Pastrana's compound on his TXT 300 trials bike.