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Skateboarding – The Extreme Collective – Wilmer Claros

One of Wilmer Claros' early videos, he is shown working his board tricks and landing drops from elevated platforms.

Skateboarding – The Extreme Collective – Wilmer Claros

Wilmer Claros lands some drops from knee shattering heights in this short West Coast skateboarding clip.

Big drop at the skate park – TheExtremeCollective – Wilmer Claros

Wilmer Claros is going off, shredding through this neighborhood skate park.  Clever video fades move us from location to location as Wilmer lands some huge drops and sick board tricks.

Sturgeon Bay Skate Park – TheExtremeCollective – Nathan Leonardson

Nathan Leonardson submits this footage of an afternoon at Sturgeon Bay skate park in Wisconsin.

Longboarding – TheExtremeCollective – Justin Collins

Cruising around town isn't so bad when longboarding is your transportation of choice.  Justin Collins sails through Toledo, Ohio on his longboard, making use of multiple first and third person camera shots to create engaging views of his ride.

Skating Norway – TheExtremeCollective – Kai Bonsaksen

Kai puts together a unique blend of Rube Goldberg skating style and clever editing in this short compilation of improvised board tricks in Norway.

Skydiving and Skating New York – TheExtremeCollective – Jon Cater

Jon Cater enters our third Extreme Video Competition with an expertly cut video-short.  The jump cuts, slow motion, and well timed audio induce powerful emotion.  If you don't get chills from this artistic compilation of skydiving, skating, and the New York City skyline check your pulse, you might not have one...